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Teach Your Puppy

Welcome to all the information you need to teach your puppy.  Whenever you buy a new puppy you will need to teach your puppy lots of things.  How to train and teach your puppy is not always easy but you will find it is rewarding to teach your puppy many things early on so they grow up to be well behaved dogs that you are proud to show to everyone.

I have ten top tips to teach your puppy all the basic commands that your puppy will need.  Every puppy should know how to sit, come, stay, down, drop, fetch and hopefully many more.  It is easy to teach your puppy most of these things but it requires time and patience, but you will benefit from everything you teach your puppy as your puppy will grow up to be your best friend and well behaved. Train and teach your puppy to recognize you as the pack leader and everyone will be happy!
The right dog for you
Choosing the perfect dog for you is hard but you will get there. You will have to be careful and look at breeds and personalities from the puppy or dog you're looking at and you will also have to look at the size of your home and garden, your lifestyle and your interests. Consider raising a dog from a puppy, which will require lots of house training, not getting angry with your dog and giving your dog food exercise and love. but if you teach your puppy well right from the start then your puppy will become a great dog.
Submissive dogs
When a dog or your dog is submissive to another dog that is a good thing so don't tell them to get up, you must praise them instead. Being submissive is like giving in, it can save your dogs life if your dog is submissive to another dog. If your dog fights back its like saying ''come on lets fight''. You can't teach your dog to be submissive but you can teach your dog to socialize well.
leader of the pack
In every relationship with dogs there is a pack leader and you are the one that plays top dog. Some dogs want to be the pack leader so you have to be careful your dog doesn't dominate you. I will show you how to teach your puppy that you are the pack leader.

Bringing your dog home
When you first bring your puppy home you have to introduce them to your other animals so they get along. How to do that? to introduce your puppy to your other animals you have to put your dog on a leash and put the leash short so the dog can't leap and hold your other animal close. Your dog will either want to attack or play with the other animal so be careful. You also have to have all the equipment for your new dog like food, water, toys, collar, leash, nice bed, good back garden and you might want a day bed for your dog that stays in the sun in your garden.  


My dog Ziggy when he was 8 weeks old


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Teach Your Puppy Basic Commands


Teach your puppy to come
Teach your puppy to sit
Teach your puppy to stay
Teach your puppy to shake hands
Teach your puppy to drop a toy
Teach your puppy to fetch
Teach your puppy to wee outside
Teach your puppy how to walk properly
Teach your puppy to get used to other animals
Teach your puppy to exercise more